A playbook for thinkers

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The Thinker is a practical playbook that makes you a better thinker. The book uncovers the elements of change and liberates your thinking. Every element features a beautiful illustration, a witty quote, a historical anecdote, a personal story, and a short lesson. Read the preview on Medium here.

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Know thyself and thy world. Elements for increased awareness and understanding about self and the world.


How to think about thinking. Elements for more structured ways of thinking.


Make it happen. Elements to translate your thoughts into action.

Three Part Long Preview

What You'll Learn

Discover The World In New Ways

Unlock mental models to see the world with new eyes.

Know Yourself

Learn how to understand yourself at a deeper level and learn what matters most to you.

Think About Thinking

Develop more structured ways of thinking.

Supporters of Thinking

Learn what habits support good thinking.

Connect Thinking With Action

Learn how to develop a two-way feedback loop between thinking and action.

Action, Action, Action

Unlock the keys to transform your ideas into reality.

Short Film Series

Animated Series